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   Ross Shield
Tournament 2017

Tuesday 10th October 2017
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Saturday 7th October 2017
Day 4. Results:  Click here >>>

Friday 6th October 2017
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Thursday 5th October 2017
Day 2. Results: Click here >>>

Wednesday 4th October 2017
Day 1. Results:  Click here >>>

2017 Ross Shield Tournament Draw


Dannevirke Cattle Fair
Thursday 9th February 2017

There was a large bench of buyers, vendors and onlookers at last Thursday's Dannevirke Cattle Fair held at the Dannevirke sale yard rostrum.
More than 60 pens were on offer with buyers from the Rangitiki, Hunterville, Manawatu and Central Hawkes Bay made a solid sale. 1.7 million dollars of cattle was traded, in a very strong sale which saw cattle presented in good, forward condition

Above - Top two and a half year old Angus steers went on account of Wiha Farm P/ship, 18 well grown steers fetching $1610 a head.
Below - Top money paid for the 18month steers was $1500 (434 kilograms) a head for Simon Herbert’s top 32 Charolais steers.

Two and a half year Steer details: Alltwood Farm, 82 Angus $1510, 47 Angus $1525, 34 Angus $1490; Wiha Farm P/ship, 18 Angus $1610, 19 Angus $1565, 14 Angus $1478; Waimarie Farming P/ship, 31 Angus $1600, 33 Angus $1475, eight Angus $1400, 21 Angus/Hereford $1400; GJ & HJ Wyatt, five Angus $1350.

18 Month Steer details: SC Herbert, 33 Charolais $1490, 24 Charolais $1480, 24 Charolais $1455, 15 Charolais $1310, 32 Angus $1500, 20 Angus/Hereford $1485; SJ & SA Schofield, 13 Charolais $1260; Wiha Farm P/ship, 15 Charolais $1295, 48 Angus $1312; ED Bradley, 12 Angus $1200, 40 Angus $1272, 26 Angus $1175, nine Angus $1165.

Huiarau Station, 14 Angus $1200, 23 Angus $1300, 15 Angus $1200, 11 Angus $1160; N Jackson, 11 Angus $1265, eight Angus $1095, nine Angus $1105, two Bulls $1010; M & C Radford, nine Angus $1105, 35 Angus $1220, 15 Angus/Hereford $1125, 29 Angus $1090, 32 Angus $1125, 21 Angus $995.

Fountaine Farming Co. Ltd, 54 Angus $1348; DJ & JR Redward, 30 Angus $1300; J & MS Wilson, 33 Angus $1300; Champion Farming Ltd, 37 Angus $1280; AK & MA Brislane, 39 Angus $1240, 21 Angus $1130, 10 Angus $1130; Val-mhor, 20 Angus $1200; Chrystall Farming Ltd, 20 Angus $1205; Burnview Ltd, 42 Angus $1175; GT May, 40 Angus $1170; NA & SJ Cresswell, 25 Angus $1200; Harwood Farm, 14 Angus $1170; Waitio Farms Ltd, seven Angus $1165; AG Mattews, 50 Angus $1395.


Rongotea Sale Reports 8th February 2017

This week’s sale saw a big yarding of empty Friesian heifers and white face weaners which sold well

to a solid buying bench.

2 year white face steers 520 kg made $1300 ($2.50) and Angus cross steers 495 kg made $1240


2 year Ayrshire bulls 475 kg made $1030 ($2.17) and Jersey bulls 445 kg - 456 kg made up to $1060

($2.20 - $2.32).

2 year Friesian heifers 384 kg – 450 kg made up to $1065 ($2.36 - $2.51) and cross breed heifers 387

kg made $885 ($2.29). Angus cross heifers 460 kg made $1100 ($2.39) and Ayrshire cross heifers 425

kg made $1030 ($2.42).

15 month white face steers 285 kg made $700 ($2.46) and Charolais cross steers 325 kg made $810


15 month white face bulls 285 kg - 325 kg made up to $800 ($2.46 - $2.74) and cross breed bulls 320

kg – 377 kg made up to $900 ($2.28 - $2.39).

Yearling Angus cross bulls 248 kg made $730 ($2.93).

Weaner white face steers 145 kg made $570 ($3.93).

Weaner Friesian bulls 120 kg – 182 kg made up to $510 ($2.92 - $3.62) and cross breed bulls 105 kg –

155 kg made up to $390 ($2.52 - $3.14). White face bulls 92 kg – 160 kg made up to $590 ($3.69 -

$4.42) and Angus cross bulls 172 kg made $460 ($2.67). Simmental cross bulls 205 kg made $690


Weaner white face heifers 89 kg – 151 kg made up to $530 ($3.50 - $4.67) and Angus cross heifers 97

kg - 121 kg made up to $530 ($3.61 - $4.46). Simmental cross heifers 165 kg made $550 ($3.33) and

cross breed heifers 137 kg made $355 ($2.58).

Friesian boner cows 563 kg made up to $900 ($1.60) and cross breed cows 417 kg - 460 kg made up

to $810 ($1.58). White face boners 592 kg made $1050 ($1.77).

Weaner pigs made $50 - $92.

Mixed age ewes made $67 - $89 and mixed sex lambs made $67 - $93.

Darryl Harwood


This information is derived from NZ  Farmers Livestock Ltd ’s auction records.  Whilst all care has been taken by NZ Farmers Livestock Limited to compile this information, (E & OE), NZ Farmers Livestock Limited and its employees take no responsibility for its accuracy, and no warranty is expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability or usefulness of the information.

updated 8/02/2017


Owing to the continuing wet weather patterns and the lack of wild fires the Tararua District Council Rural Fire Authority has decided to lift the Restricted Fire Season for all areas under its control and has declared an Open Fire Season with effect 8 February 2017.   This excludes all beach areas, Council Reserves and Department of Conservation lands which remain in an all year round Restricted Fire Season.  A fire permit is still required for fires in these areas.

The summer season is still here and there are the occasional hot windy periods which rapidly increases the fire danger level. Council Rural Fire Officers will continue to monitor the situation. People contemplating lighting a fire should take care as there is still a lot of fuel around in the form of grass, the base of which is still very dry. Do not light in windy conditions as embers can travel up to 3 kilometres or more.  Get a long term weather forecast before lighting and make sure you have means to extinguish your fire if it starts to get out of hand.

It is timely to remind people that even though we are in an open fire season you are still responsible for all costs involved in fire suppression and any damage to other people’s property should your fire get away on you. If you require advice on carrying out any burns you can contact the Council’s Principal Rural Fire Officer, on 06 374 4080

Paddy Driver 
Principal Rural Fire Officer


The Tararua District Council Rural Fire Authority will impose a Restricted Fire Season (Permit required) for the whole District, effective from 8.00 am, Wednesday, 18 January 2017 until further notice.  This is due to high fire danger levels in most parts of the district and an increasing number of uncontrolled vegetation fires that are being attended by local Volunteer Fire Brigades.

The increased fire danger level is caused by the hot dry windy weather that we are currently experiencing combined with the large amount of dry grass and burnable fuel available. This weather pattern is expected to continue throughout January and February and will continue to increase the fire danger level. There may be a need to impose a total fire ban if the situation does not improve.

The Restricted Season applies to both rural and urban areas and residents are reminded that it is an offence to light a fire outdoors without a permit during the restricted period. You may use your gas-fired barbeque or any other gas fired appliance outdoors without a permit.  It is also permitted to burn rubbish in an incinerator, which has a grate, a lid and a chimney with a spark arrestor fitted but does not include a 44 gallon drum with an open top.

Residents are reminded that the person who lights a fire, which becomes an uncontrolled fire, may be liable for the cost of controlling it and any damage caused to neighbours property as a result. It is a simple process to apply for a permit and this may be done by phoning Tararua District Council on 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110 or by visiting any of our offices during opening hours. There is no cost for a fire permit and you should allow up to three working days for processing.

The situation will continue to be monitored daily by our Rural Fire Officers. People wishing to burn are urged to seek advice beforehand if they are in doubt, via the Council number at 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110. Fire status information and advice is also available on the Tararua District Council website at www.tararuadc.govt.nz/ruralfire


Friday 7th October  2016

The “Once In A Lifetime" Charter Parade

 The “Once In A Lifetime" Charter Parade was held along High Street this afternoon,  a Charter was bestowed to the 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (RNZIR) by the Tararua District Council.

Take a look at all the action >>>


Friday 15th July  2016

New Zealand Red Cross exercise in Dannevirke


New Zealand Red Cross emergency management is conducting an exercise in Dannevirke over the weekend of 23-24 July 2016. Four north island Disaster Welfare Support Teams ( DWST) and their support crews will be demonstrating their skills and capability in a range of challenging tasks over the weekend. They will be tested with tasks associated with a large earth quake event and the response required.  This includes Ground based rescue, general rescue, scene management, communications, pre hospital medical care and triage. 

On Sunday 24th the DWST teams will be tasked with setting up and operating Civil defence welfare centres, in collaboration with the Tararua District Council CDEM. The last task is an Outreach task using four local streets, assessing potential welfare needs post-earthquake. A busy weekend for the 50 Red Cross team members and 20 role players.

“ Our teams train weekly and have a broad range of skills. A number of our team members have been involved in operational deployments around New Zealand over the last few years and always enjoy a challenge”

We need Dannevirke’s help for the exercise on Sunday 24th. We need lots of people calling into our two Civil Defence centres to register as displaced people and have a look at what a Civil Defence welfare centre would look like. The two locations are Totara College in Ruahine street and the Hub located in Gordon Street.  Both sites will operate from 0930 to 1145.

There will be a static display at the Totara College Civil Defence Centre showing the capability of the Red Cross Disaster Welfare support vehicles.

So come and have a look on Sunday 24th

Tuesday 5th July  2016

Cairns fored-up for shot at Olympics

Raffles have powered Dannevirke kayaker Anne Cairns on her journey to the Rio Olympics as a member of the Samoan team.

"The local community has been amazing and it's been humbling to have so much support from everyone," Cairns said.

Cairns said she was excited at the prospect of Rio, but she does not expect the nerves to really kick in until it is almost race time.

 Nigel Walshe (left), his partner Anne Cairns - a member of the Samoan Olympic
 team, her mother Koko, father Lawrie and Anne's sister Bridget at a farewell and
 sponsors event in Dannevirke on Friday night. Photo / Christine McKay

"My goal for Rio? Well, imagine the Hawke's Bay Magpies up against a top England side at Twickenham in front of a home crowd. It's a mismatch. But there will be nothing different in my motivation from the world's top paddlers in my races."

Competing in the K1200 and K1500, the same events as New Zealand's world champion Lisa Carrington, raffles run by her partner Nigel Walshe's father, Pat, raised $6500 to allow Cairns and her coach to train and race in Europe and now they head off for three weeks training on the Gold Coast.

"I told Anne to just concentrate on paddling and I'd raise the funds to get her there," Pat said. "She's is a bloody legend."

Partner Nigel said Cairns was "amazing".

"She's definitely put in a lot of effort. Four years ago, when she asked me if it was alright for her to go for her dream, I was all for it.

"It was a pretty cool day when she told me she'd been selected."

And, yes, Nigel will be packing the Samoan flag when he heads to Rio to support her, but there will be a Kiwi flag in his bag too.

"I'll be cheering for all the Pacific nations at the Olympics," he said.

It has not been an easy journey to the Olympics for Cairns.

"When I first arrived here in Dannevirke, I asked where the water was," she said.

"Then I spied a couple of ponds, but Nigel told me they were the poo ponds."

Training three or four times a day, six days a week, Cairns makes the 84km return trip to Backpaddock Lakes at Takapau, even on bitterly cold, wet days, as well as training on the water in Palmerston North where she is a professional firefighter.

In her lead-up to the Olympics she spent time in Europe training and competing.

"There were 19 different countries represented at the camp, including Estonia and Tunisia and everywhere in between," she said. "I raced in Germany and the Czech Republic and compared to my world championship effort last year I've improved. At first it was unnerving being amongst the top paddlers in the world, but in reality they were just training and paddling like the rest of us."

However, there is the spectre of drugs in her sport, Cairns said.

"It's disappointing. There was a Romanian crew in the German regatta who weren't there at the next regatta in the Czech Republic because of doping, and 27 athletes racing in the Czech regatta were waiting for the results of their B drug test."

Unlike last year's world champs, where Cairns was the athlete, manager and coach, she is now coached by Richard Forbes, who was coaching a New Zealand's mens' squad for the Olympics. But they were turned down for selection and Cairns has been able to be distance coached by Forbes, an Englishman who lives in Auckland.

"He was in Europe with me for three weeks and I've learnt a lot and made some pretty big changes to my technique," Cairns said.

Forbes will travel to Rio with Cairns, although he is slightly concerned to be wearing "a dress," the traditional Samoan lavalava.

"I've told him it's just a Samoan version of the kilt," Cairns said.

Cairns' family are thrilled their daughter has made it to the Olympics.

"We're very proud and over the moon and we're going to Rio because this is a one-in-a-lifetime event," mum Koko said.


Thrusday 16th June  2016

Dannevirke outsells rest of region

Sold signs are dominating the residential real estate landscape throughout the Tararua, with a 50 per cent rise in sales in Dannevirke last month, compared with the same time last year.

Dannevirke sale volumes are outstripping other areas in Hawke's Bay, where sales are up 21 per cent. Sales in Hastings are up 18 per cent and 24 per cent in Hawke's Bay Country.

"There's demand from everywhere for homes in Dannevirke, with a range of buyers in the market," Nigel Jackson of Property Brokers said. "We've a number of out-of-town buyers, investors coming back into the market, as well as local buyers."

Rental returns are reasonably good in Dannevirke and homes affordable, increasing the demand for homes here.

"In every other Property Brokers area there are multiple offers and people are missing out on purchasing in those areas, so they're looking to Dannevirke," Mr Jackson said.

And with housing stock levels considerably lower compared with last year, it's a matter of supply and demand.

"In the three months to the end of May there were 47 sales here compared to 33 last year, so we've a very limited market and not a lot of new listings," Mr Jackson said.

"It's listings which are the big thing because we've strong inquiries and there are buyers for most properties."

Real Estate Institute figures show the region is experiencing a dramatic shortage of listings with the weeks of inventory falling by 67 per cent over the past 12 months and less than eight weeks' supply on hand.

Hawke's Bay and Wellington have the fewest properties for sale with under eight weeks of supply each, followed by Auckland with 10 weeks of supply and Otago with 11 weeks.

"May marked the first time the national house price breached the $500,000 mark. As 2016 progresses we are seeing regional markets such as Hawke's Bay, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Central Otago Lakes and Northland strengthening in both prices and sales volume, while the large main centre markets of Auckland and Canterbury are taking a back seat," said Bryan Thomson of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (Reinz).

While the May median house price rose 20 per cent in Napier, compared with May last year, it fell across the rest of the region, including 3 per cent in Dannevirke and Napier.

There's demand from everywhere for homes in Dannevirke, with a range of buyers in the market.

Nigel Jackson, Property Brokers

However, Mr Jackson said the current median house price in Dannevirke is $130,000 for the five months to the end of May, compared with $132,000 for the same period last year.

"Our average sale price is $151,000, the same as last year, and shows we have a stable housing market," he said.

Wairarapa MP Alastair Scott said he believed high housing prices would drive people from Auckland to the provinces.

"A lot of people are coming to Dannevirke. This will bring new faces, new money and hopefully children to the district."

The median days to sell for Hawke's Bay improved by four days in May, from 33 days in April to 29 days in May - the fewest number of days to sell for a May for Hawke's Bay and the lowest since February 2004.

The May Reinz figures follow an exceptionally busy period in April, PGG Wrightson real estate agent Paul Clayton said.

"In April we had 41 property sales across the Tararua, more than twice as many as the same period last year, when there were just 19."

And while the rise was seen across the district in April, Dannevirke was out in front with 20 residential sales across a variety of price ranges, with the least expensive house, a two-bedroom, selling for $58,000 and the most expensive, a three-bedroom house, $330,000.

Seven properties sold below rateable value and 12 above with one not having a rateable value, Mr Clayton said. Two of those sales were sections while the Tararua lifestyle market had nine sales, with six of those in Dannevirke.

In contrast to April's lowest price of $58,000 not one house sold for less than $100,000 in May.

By Christine McKay
Hawkes Bay Today

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Pongaroa Boil Water Notice Lifted

Tararua District Council would like to advise that the public notice for Pongaroa to boil water has now been lifted following three consecutive days of clear test results.

Tararua District Council’s Manager of Strategy and District Development, Peter Wimsett, advised, “Council has initiated the Treatment Plant and Storage Upgrade Project for the Pongaroa township, in collaboration with Ministry of Health and MidCentral Health.  Since September 2015, a flow meter has been measuring town demand to determine the plant capacity requirements. One-on-one household discussions will be carried out over the next few months to assess each household’s needs.

“This work will significantly improve the quality, storage, risk management and treatment of water for the Pongaroa township and is due for completion in the 2016/17 financial year. We will be informing affected residents as this project develops.”

Tararua District Council would like to thank Pongaroa residents for their patience during this time and apologise for any inconvenience.


Thursday 17th March 2016


The Tararua District Council Rural Fire Authority will lift its Restricted Fire Season with effect 8.00am, Saturday, 19 March 2016.  The decision was made because of the current rainfall amounts and Autumn weather conditions we are experiencing in the District.  A further contributing factor is the reduced number of uncontrolled fires this season.

The Fire Index shows that there is still a moderate fire danger level and there is a lot of long grass on the side of the roads etc. People intending to burn should be aware of this and take extra care and not burn in high winds.  Also the weather could still change and raise the index to EXTREME over the next few weeks.

A Restricted Fire Season still remains on all Department of Conservation land, and all reserves and beaches.  This restriction continues all year round and a permit is required to light a fire in these areas.

The Rural Fire Authority thanks those people who obtained permits and acted responsibly during the season. 142 permits were issued for the season without incident, which is a great result for the District.

Up to date fire status information and advice is available on the Tararua District Council website at www.tararuadc.govt.nz

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Dairy in Dannevirke robbed at knifepoint

Police are still looking for the man who robbed a Dannevirke dairy at knifepoint. 

Police were called to the Hi-Way Dairy on High St at 5.45pm on Monday after a man robbed the premises at knifepoint, stealing a carton of tobacco. 

Central District command centre Senior Sergeant David Burmeister said the man was not yet in custody, but it appeared that police knew who he was.

Senior Sergeant Steve Thomas said they were looking for a man in his 20s who was of average height and had a larger build. 

He was seen wearing a black hoodie and black pants with a blue bandana covering his face. 

Police would like to hear from anyone in Dannevirke who was around the High St Hi-Way Dairy area at 5.45pm and who may have seen a man matching this description.

No injuries were suffered in the robbery. 

Anyone with information can contact the Dannevirke police station on 06 374 4500 or call the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111. 

Woman injured after fall from rubbish truck in Dannevirke

A woman, in her 50s, has suffered a head injury after falling off a rubbish truck in Dannevirke. 

The incident occurred on Miller St in Dannevirke, about 10.15am on Tuesday. 

Tararua police response manager Senior Sergeant Nathan Davis said the driver did not see his colleague fall off the truck. 

When she did not return to the vehicle cab, the driver got out of the vehicle to look for her and he saw a crowd on the street, he said. 

It was thought the woman had fallen off with the truck's momentum and landed on her back - her head hitting the road. 

"She was lying on the road and probably suffered a head injury – the seriousness of this is not known." 

The woman was working for Solid Waste Services, a contractor to the Tararua District Council.

The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter was dispatched Dannevirke about 10.30am.

St John Ambulance attended the scene and transported her to a nearby airfield.

She was stabilised by paramedics before being airlifted to Palmerston North Hospital.

Palmerston North Hospital spokesman Dennis Geddis said the woman was in a serious condition.

Three police cars also attended.

The section between Miller St and Weber Rd was blocked off and police were diverting traffic. 

The rubbish truck was heading towards Akitio at the time of the incident. 

A witness who saw the incident did not wish to comment.

The police serious crash unit is investigating.


Wednesday 9th December 2015

Dannevirke Hovding Court flats sold.

The Tararua District Council's 10 old and dated Hovding Court pensioner flats have been sold.

The decision to sell the flats came after changes in the Social Housing Reform programme restricted local government access to maintenance funding. 

The flats, which have been for tender since October, were purchased by Bridgeman Properties Limited for $318,186 in November.

The sale is the council's first step towards withdrawing from its pensioner housing scheme. 

Assets group manager Kathy Dever-Tod said the decision to withdraw from the pensioner housing scheme was in the council's Long Term Plan.

In it, the flats are called "dated in design and are no longer fit to meet the needs of elderly tenants".

The layout and design meant there was limited mobility and a lack of space for tenants, as well as "outdated fittings, poor heating and steps that restrict disability access". 

While the council owned and managed the flats, it was unable to access funding for social housing maintenance, but other providers could.

"The council believe that there are other providers – social housing providers – that are better at being able to provide services needed," Dever-Tod said.

Getting another provider to take ownership of the flats meant more funding and more services would be available to the residents, she said.

 The Dannevirke flats were sold after "some minor boundary adjustments" were made and the council was waiting on a certificate of title to come through before the sale would be complete. 

The council still own 82 pensioner flats in the Tararua region, including 52 in Dannevirke, 12 in Woodville, 15 in Pahiatua, and three in Eketahuna. Eventually the majority of the units would be to sold off to other housing providers. 

Councillor Shirley Hull said the 10 flats were old and were in need of "a serious upgrade". 

The large steps leading up to the front of the flats posed a problem for many elderly people, she said.

"We want our elderly folk to be in flats that are fit for living in, that are really smart and comfortable."

While Hull was not sure on the exact future on the 10 Dannevirke flats, she hoped they would be available for use by members of the community who needed them.

"We have a lot of people who want to live on their own in the community. The flats are the right size for these people, rather than a three-person home."

 - Stuff

Boat launch pad could go swimmingly for Akitio

A new boat launch pad looks set to be in place for summer at Akitio beach after health and safety concerns were raised.

The Tararua District Council have approved a plan to put $30,000 towards building a concrete ramp to ensure boats can be launched and retrieved safely.

Project manager Peter Greatbatch said the boat launch pad was needed as "a health and safety thing more than anything".

Locals were concerned about the lack of access boats had to the rocky beach. 

At low-tide, boats could access certain areas of the beach, but generally the rocky shoreline made it difficult to get them in and out, he said. 

"They are concerned and that's why it's needed. There needs to be access onto the beach so we can get the boats out.

"Over the last four-to-five years, quite a few of the local boats have had to rip out there and rescue swimmers," he said.

In April 2012, Fijian rugby player Eroni Ravaga-Gaunavou, 22, drowned after an epileptic seizure the sea off Akitio Beach. He was playing on a three month contract for the Puketoi Rugby Club at the time. 

Greatbatch said there had been a number of incidents in Akitio over the years. About six-weeks-ago a boatie damaged his trailer after trying to help someone in trouble following a jet ski incident.

The man was unharmed, but that was when people decided action needed to be taken, he said.

"The locals want it today, so you can say it's urgent.

"Who wants to stand on the beach and watch someone float away and not be able to do anything about it," he said.

The boat launch pad was in its consent stage, and a letter was being sent out to gain iwi approval. It was hoped to be completed before Christmas.

Akitio has about 50 houses, but in summer "it swells by tenfold", with tourists, families and locals enjoying their summer break, he said. 

A Tararua District Council report said the structure sought would be "25-30 metres long, by 8m wide, and keyed into the base material at the tow of the ramp. The top of the ramp would be level with the existing roadway".

Sand could partially bury the ramp, but it would remain functional, it noted.

It would likely cost more than $30,000 to construct, but it would be up to the Akitio community to fundraise the rest.

Greatbatch said he was sure the community would be supportive of the project. 


Saturday 28th November 2015

When "Richie" came to town

Dannevirke's Farm Source Store (RD1) played host to Richie McCaw (Fonterra's ambassador) along with the many shareholders from through out the district. Take a look at here more >>>

Friday 27th November 2015

It’s all go for the Dannevirke Christmas parade

A commitment to looking after Dannevirke retailers is behind Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce organising a market day on the day of the town's Christmas parade.

The parade will be held on Saturday December 5.

Traditionally the town's market day was held on the Friday of Labour weekend but Dannevirke’s  unpredictable weather meant conditions were at times atrocious for the event. Last year the chamber decided to postpone the October market day and hold it on the day of the Christmas parade.

                      Dannevirke Christmas Parade 2014

Chamber deputy chair Susan Berry says while the market day was successful, retailers were missing out on the additional traffic that passed through the town en route to Hawke's Bay for Labour weekend.

"This year we reinstated the October market day and it was very successful, and we are retaining the Christmas parade market day as well. It makes sense as it's the only day of the year when High St is closed."

Susan says there has been a lot happening in the town lately.

"A weekend-long visit by Red Hat Ladies from all over the country was very successful. One of the things on their agenda was to go shopping and this they did. Events like this are really good for small towns, they really have an impact."

Susan says one of the strengths of the chamber is that it can co- ordinate events that will be of benefit to the town's retailers.

"The retailers take quite a bit of advice from the chamber in regards to things such as trading hours for special events and Christmas."

She says traditionally the Christmas parade brings a lot of people to town so having a market day is about maximising the opportunity.

The very successful Keep Calm and Shop in Dannevirke promotion that was introduced last year in the lead-up to Christmas is to be held again this year but over a shorter time frame. By shopping locally people will go into a draw to win cash to be spent at businesses of chamber members. There will be weekly draws to win $500 over the three weeks before Christmas.

"This promotion helps make people aware of how important it is to not only shop locally but to use local tradespeople as well."

The Chamber of Commerce has this year taken on the organising of the Christmas parade for the first time. In the past it has been organised by the Dannevirke Community Board which wanted to opt out.

"We decided this was a good project for the chamber to take over. There needs to be a co- ordinated approach to an event like this. We will still be relying on both the community Board and Dannevirke Lions. Lions take care of the logistics of moving the floats and crowd control and the board will provide financial support."

The parade is a popular local event and generally attracts around 30 floats.

"There is no theme this year - it's all about Christmas, " says Susan.

There are four categories - best business float, best children's float, best Christmas-themed float and champion of champions.

The parade starts at 12 noon.

"All we can do now is to hope for fine weather, but if it's not well, we're hardy people here in Dannevirke."

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Regional launch evenys kick off 2016 NZ Dairy Awards

With less than a week to go until entries open in the 2016 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, organisers of the 11 regional competitions are ready to host launch events.

General Manager Chris Keeping says there have been significant changes to the awards’ competitions for the 2016 programme - including new names and stricter entry criteria - so the launch events provide an opportunity to understand what those changes are and which contest people are eligible to enter.

Entries in the New Zealand Share Farmer of the Year, New Zealand Dairy Manager of the Year and New Zealand Dairy Trainee of the Year competitions will be accepted online at www.dairyindustryawards.co.nz from Tuesday October 20.

"The launch events are typically a lot of fun and provide an opportunity to meet other potential entrants, organisers and sponsors and to learn about the awards from past entrants.

"Central Plateau’s having a gumboot throwing competition and giving away prizes, while there’ll also be refreshments available. The launch events are very social and are all free to attend. They’re also timed to make it easy for farmers to attend."

She says the key changes to this year’s contests are:

- The Share Farmer of the Year competition (previously known as the Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year) is open to all self-employed farmers largely responsible for the day-to-day running of the farm, such as sharemilkers, contract milkers, leasees and equity farm managers.

- The Dairy Manager of the Year (was Farm Manager of the Year) is open to all salaried farm workers like farm managers, herd managers, production managers and others.

- The criteria in the Dairy Trainee of the Year contest has been changed so that only those aged between 18 to 25 years with up to three years full-time experience on a dairy farm and the equivalent of up to a Level 4 qualification can enter.

"The changes to this year’s competitions aim to enable more people to enter and to make the competitions fairer for those that do enter."

The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards are supported by national sponsors Westpac, DairyNZ, DeLaval, Ecolab, Federated Farmers, Fonterra Farm Source, Honda Motorcycles, LIC, Meridian Energy, and Ravensdown, along with industry partner Primary ITO.

Details of the regional launch events:

Auckland/Hauraki October 21 Farm Source Ngatea

Auckland/Hauraki October 22 Farm Source Pukekohe

Waikato October 20 DairyNZ Scott Farm Hamilton

Bay of Plenty October 20 Maketu Surf Club Te Puke

Central Plateau October 16 Reporoa Rugby Club

Taranaki October 29 Stratford War Memorial Hall

Manawatu October 28 Rangitikei Club Feilding

Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa October 20 Cosmopolitan Club Masterton

Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa October 21 Mangatera Hotel Dannevirke

Southland/Otago October 20 Top Pub Winton

More information on the launch events is available at www.dairyindustryawards.co.nz.


Can't catch Carnutelabryere

Helen McNaught-McFarlane is on a roll.

The Brit-turned-Kiwi showjumper has backed up her second aboard Carnutelabryere in the Ultra-Mox FEI World Cup New Zealand Series on Friday with a win in the Excel Horse Premier League in Masterton today.

The Taupo combination were one of nine to start in the class but a super quick double clear in 47.05 seconds kept the rest at bay at the Dunstan Horse Feeds Wairarapa Showjumping and Show Hunter Championships.

Also backing up some excellent results was second-placed teenager Emily Hayward-Morgan aboard AP Ninja who stopped the clock in the second round at 47.43.

Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) and Conyers were the only other combination to go double clear, coming home in 52.89 over the Heather McDonald (Dannevirke) designed course..

Hayward-Morgan had a brilliant show, also winning the Canterbury Equestrian Young Rider and Telford Junior Rider classes.

Emma Watson (Morrinsville) and former Pony of the Year Fun House won the Country TV Pony Grand Prix class.

New to the show was the FEI World Jumping Challenge, held over three categories and three shows in the North Island. Christine Cornege (Cambridge) and Varekai SL head to the final show in the series in pole position, having won the other two Category A classes at Wairarapa and earlier at Equidays.

Riders accumulate points at the three shows, with the winner of the New Zealand Category A section having the opportunity to head to the world final to represent pool 8, which includes much of Australasia. The challenge is run around the world with all competitors jumping the same course plan.

The Wairarapa champs attracted 340 horses and boasted some quality fields, according to organisers.

Results -

Showjumping, Excel Horse Premier League (grand prix): Helen McNaught-McFarlane (Taupo) Carnutelabryere 1, Emily Hayward-Morgan (Te Awamutu) AP Ninja 2, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Conyers 3, Katie Laurie (Mystery Creek) Dunstan On The Point Sandy 4, Katie Laurie (Mystery Creek) Dunstan Breeze 5, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Schimmel Warrior 6.

Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Fun House 1, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Tiger Tale LS 2, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Tony The Pony 3, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Benrose Playtime 4, Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Kabo Silver 5, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Waiotahi Belle 6.

Canterbury Equestrian Young Rider Series: Emily Hayward-Morgan (Te Awamutu) AP Ninja 1, Caroline Kennedy (Ohaupo) Classic Arrow 2, Emily Hayward-Morgan (Te Awamutu) Yandoo Lady Gold 3, Rose Alfeld (Leeston) My Super Nova 4, Olivia Robertson (Ohoka) DHS Ceniki 5, Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Carlotta 6.

Let’s Bale Pro Amateur Rider Series: Tim Pearce (Marton) De Becker 1, Kaleigh Kent (Otane) Double J Sponge Bob Square Pants 2, Chloe Akers (Opiki) Kiwi Motto 3, Caitlyn Pemberton (Palmerston North) Popoloca 4, Tim Pearce (Marton) Oracle WT 5, Jane Warren (Featherston) Darkages 6.

ESNZ Seven Year Old Series: Natasha Brooks (Cambridge) Curzon 1, Caroline Kennedy (Ohaupo) Smoken Up 2, Tim Pearce (Marton) Oracle WT 3, Tim Myers (Patea) Surreal 4, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Radiant 5, Robert Steele (Dannevirke) LT Holst Bernadette 6.

Mitavite Six Year Old Series: Daniel Webb (Hunterville) Cardo, Amanda Illston (Bulls) Barcelona =1.

East Coast Performance Horses Five Year Old Series: Wendy Jacobs (Takapau) Double J Breeze On, Julie Davey (Napier) JD Ruby =1.

Caledonian Amateur Rider Series: Diana Cottle (Palmerston North) Morpheus Rising 1, Trish Pearce (Marton) Joan Jet 2, Amanda Illston (Bulls) Barcelona 3, Desiree Foxley (Hastings) Blue Mistress 4, Pearl Delaney-Girdlestone (Kapiti Coast) Illustrious 5, Sarah Forman (Auckland) Waitangi Game On 6.

Telford Junior Rider Series: Emily Hayward-Morgan (Te Awamutu) Wasabi 1, Matt Irvine (Takapau) Lansbury Grosve 2, Drew Carson (Putaruru) Double Shott 3, Nicholas O’Leary (Wanganui) Obeone Kanobe 4, Maddison Bult (Auckland) Mon Deja Vue 5, Georgia Massie (Dannevirke) Kiwi Ironheart 6.

FEI World Jumping Challenge Category C 1-1.1m: Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh BG Conny 1, Olivia Goodsir (Kapiti Coast) My Secret 2, Amanda Steele (Dannevirke) Zalula 3, Tracy Bublitz (Eltham) Bublitz Estate Rosez 4, Jessica Vokes (Auckland) Awatea Splashback 5, Siobhan Ryan (Lower Hutt) My Dear Watson 6.

FEI World Jumping Challenge Category B 1.1-1.2m: Caroline Kennedy (Ohaupo) Smoken Up 1, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Sir Gandolf 2, Desiree Foxley (Hastings) Blue Mistress 3, Amy McPake (Upper Hutt) Yum Yum 4, Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Cormina Obolensky 5, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Kiwi Chocolat 6.

FEI World Jumping Challenge Category A 1.2-1.3m: Christine Cornege (Cambridge) Varekai SL 1, Sally Clark (Dannevirke) Victoria's Secret 2, Drew Carson (Putaruru) Winston V Driene 3, Caroline Kennedy (Ohaupo) Classic Arrow 4, Lydia Quay (New Plymouth) Kaipara Double Dee 5, Briar Burnett-Grant (Taupo) Fiber Fresh Carlotta 6.

Show hunter, Gyro Plastics HOYQ Junior High Points 1m: Sally Ward (Waipukurau) Paradox 1, Ike Baker (Porirua) Monte Belle Donahue 2, Caitlin Bills (Palmerston North) Sirocco Jewels 3, Carmyn Strawbridge (Wellington) Kiwi Chocolat 5, Antonio Matangi (Levin) Shoeshine Polish 6.

Canterbury Equestrian HOYQ Amateur High Points 1m: Kate Lattey (Waikanae) Fox in Socks 1, Sonya Glennie (Wanganui) Bravado II 2, Anna Wagner (Masterton) Achilles 3, Kate Ward (Waipukurau) Regina George 4, Vanessa Nagle (New Plymouth) Mr Jones 5, Louise Bowie (Pahiatua) Kiwi Hammer 6.

Country TV HOYQ Open Horse High Points 1.1m: Kate Ward (Waipukurau) Meersbrooke Fire ‘n’ Ice 1, Sally Ward (Waipukurau) Paradox 2, Carmyn Strawbridge Central Hawke’s Bay) Just Kick On 3, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Kiwi Chocolat 4, Desiree Foxley (Hastings) Johnny Dodge 5.

Equissage Cat A Open High Points 70cm: Lyzz Barry (Wanganui) Ridgeway Maggy 1, Kristen Cresswell (Pahiatua) Llandovery Quizz 2, Maddie Parkin (Levin) Dunn In Style 3, Chantelle Smith (Palmerston North) Hopefield Royal Secret 4, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Hopefield Royal Jester 5, Olivia Nation (Wellington) Greenlee Calypso 6.

Burger King Cat B HOYQ Open High Points 80cm: Holly Parkin (Levin) Second Edition 1, Abe Baker (Porirua) My Boy Billy 2, Olivia Nation (Wellington) Aye Aye 3, Kristen Cresswell (Pahiatua) Llandovery Maximllian 4, Lyzz Barry (Wanganui) My Sweet Nevaeh 5, Ruby Liardet (Carterton) Goodview the Whistleblower 6.

NRM Cat C Pony Rider Equitation 80cm: Georgia Beatson (Wellington) Gemstone Bequest 1, Ike Baker (Porirua) Mont Belle Rangatira 1, Frankie Middleton (Wellington) Triple Star Picture Puzzle 3, Claudia Langley (Wellington) Latte La Tango 4, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Hez Sweet As 5, Hannah O’Keefe (Hastings) Totem Girl 6.

Aniwall HOYQ Cat C Open High Points 90cm: Frankie Middleton (Wellington) Triple Star Picture Puzzle 1, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Kapa Haka 2, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Hez Sweet As 3.


Friday 23rd  October 2015

Plenty of Competition in World Cup Opener in Hawke’s Bay

The cream of New Zealand’s showjumpers line up on Friday in the opening round of one of the most important series in the nation.

The Ultra•Mox FEI World Cup New Zealand series gets under way on Friday at the Hawke’s Bay A and P Show.

Eleven top combinations have entered, including former series winners Katie Laurie (Mystery Creek) and Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) who in past years have both travelled to the world final.

Last year’s series winner Laurie – New Zealand’s best placed finisher at a world cup final with her sixth equal in 2011 aboard Dunstan Delphi – lines up Dunstan Breeze and Dunstan Lucca at Hawke’s Bay.

“They have both been jumping really well,” says four-time series winner Laurie, who will be without her former Horse of the Year winner Dunstan Springfield for much of the first half of the season.

He got a small infection in a leg and needs time for it to heal before he can come back to competition.

Ten Year old Breeze had just two world cup starts last season for a third and fourth, while nine-year-old Lucca finished fourth in his only start.

“I think Helen is going to be a very strong competitor and one to beat this year,” she said.

She’s talking about Helen McNaught-McFarlane who may have only been in New Zealand just over a year but has more than made her presence felt.

The two duelled it out constantly last season, with Laurie winning the series by just five points ahead of her British rival aboard her nine-year-old grey Carnutelabryere – or Brian as he is generally known.

McNaught-McFarlane (Taupo) is looking forward to the series.

“I never have any big expectations of Brian,” she says. “If he is sound and happy and I do my job then I expect him to do as well as he can.”

Brian won the grand prix at the recent Equidays, so heads to the show in good form.

Dannevirke farmer Beatson has Conyers and Schimmel Warrior entered. Schimmel also won a recent grand prix.

“I’d just like to win as many as I can,” says Beatson. “One day I would like to go back to the world final.”

Also entered are young guns Rose Alfeld (Christchurch) aboard My Super Nova, Olivia Robertson (North Canterbury) on Ngahiwi Cisco and Jesse Linton (Hastings) on Strathcarron Zaurak – all of whom can be very dangerous on any given day.

Former Lady Rider of the Year Lucy Akers (Opiki) has Tinapai starting, while Paula Mussen (Pukekohe) is in on KK Tane Mahuta and Josh Barker (Auckland) is entered on Eros K.

The next world cup round is at Mystery Creek (October 31-November1), followed by Feilding (December 4-5), Taupo’s Christmas Classic (December 16-20) and Dannevirke (January 8-10), with the final at Waitemata (January 15-17).

The best four rounds will count in the series. The winner of the New Zealand league has the opportunity to represent the country at the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping 2015/2016 Final which is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden fromMarch 23-28, 2016.

Scoop Media

Tuesday 13th  October 2015

Small aftershocks continue overnight after 5.8 earthquake hits lower North Island

The North Island's been shaken all night long after Pongaroa's 5.8 quake - and GeoNet warns aftershocks could follow for weeks, some as large as magnitude 5.

GeoNet reported the 9.05pm quake was of severe intensity.

It struck about 15 kilometres east of Pongaroa, in the Tararua district, at a depth of 30 kilometres.

Nine aftershocks have followed so far - the most intense, a 4.5-magnitude quake at 10.55pm, that struck at a depth of 26km, 15km east of Pongaroa.

GeoNet scientist Caroline Little said within the first 35 minutes of the 5.8 quake, the GeoNet website received more than 3800 felt reports covering much of the North Island.

"Assess your home or workplace for damage.  If the building appears unsafe get everyone out.  Use the stairs, not an elevator and when outside, watch out for fallen power lines or broken gas lines.  Stay out of damaged areas."

Residents around Pongaroa said they felt the quake last for about 30 seconds.

Eugene Pitt said it was a scary moment.

" I  live 15 minutes north of Pongaroa near Weber. It was a biggie and I am willing to sacrifice my man points by saying that it scared the proverbial out of me."

Another resident in the town said their entire house was shaking but there was no damage.

"A couple of things fell off the shelf, but all good."

Another said nothing in their house moved.

"It was a good shake and lasted about 30 seconds or so."

Pongaroa Senior Constable Dave Kirk said he had called around the community, as well as people in the Akitio area.

So far, there had been no injuries or significant property damage.

He said there had been a few earthquakes over the last couple of weeks.

"This was a goody though."

Senior Sergeant David Burmeister, of Palmerston North, said he had been in touch with police in the area, and no damage had been reported. 

"There is no obvious damage and no calls out at this stage," he said. 

There were reports of houses shaking in the Waipawa region in Hawke's Bay.

One reader said he was on the phone to a friend who lived in Waipawa when she said she had to hang up because of cups falling off her shelves.

"She said the whole house was shaking and there were cups flying."

Fire Service central communications centre and police both said they had not received calls from anyone reporting damage.

The quake was felt from Napier to Wellington, with people quickly taking to social media to report the shaking in their area. 

Sarah Ivey tweeted: "Hunterville is rocking more than usual! Scrambled for the doorway even #eqnz #christchurchstillhauntsme."

Amy Winter, from Otaki, was watching a movie with her partner when the quake struck. 

"I noticed the house was moving. We started looking around and saw the doors were swinging on their hinges. It went for over a minute," she said. 

Winter, who lives close to the coast line, said she was mindful of tsunamis. 

"I am petrified of earthquakes, my partner was trying to tell me to keep calm. It was very scary."

Lorraine De Visser, who works at the Wimbledon Pub near Dannevirke, said there was no damage there as a result of the quake. 

"It was quite rolling earthquake. It didn't seem to last that long," she said. 

The quake hit three days ahead of the national Shakeout - a Civil Defence-run earthquake drill that will take place on October 15.

"If you have not already signed up to Shakeout, now might be a good time after this reminder - remember to Drop, Cover and Hold!", Civil Defence tweeted on Monday night.


In a national advisory​ notice​, the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) said it was assessing information with the help of scientific advisers and Civil Defence groups.

There was no tsunami threat, it said.

"MCDEM, local civil defence authorities and scientific advisers are closely monitoring the situation."

People in the affected area should:

* Expect aftershocks and remember to drop, cover and hold. 

* Look after yourself and get first aid if necessary. 

* Assess your home or workplace for damage.  If the building appears unsafe get everyone out.  Use the stairs, not an elevator and when outside, watch out for fallen power lines or broken gas lines.  Stay out of damaged areas. 

* Look for and extinguish small fires if it is safe to do so. Fire is a significant hazard following earthquakes.

* Listen to the radio for updated emergency information and instructions.

* Do not overload phone lines with non-emergency calls.

* Help people who require special assistance – infants, elderly people, those without transportation, families who may need additional help, people with disabilities and the people who care for them.

- Source: Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management


Saturday 10th  October 2015

The Tararua District Council has taken its first steps to selling off pensioner housing. 

Ten council-owned flats on High St are for sale by public tender. 

Council property assets and property manager Colin Veale said the 10 older units at Hovding Court were built in the 1950s.

The Dannevirke flats had simply aged with general wear and tear, he said.

"The houses are not really suitable for pensioner flats."

Some flats had steps leading up to the front doors which were not suitable for the elderly, he said. 

The council owns three flats in Eketahuna, 15 in Pahiatua, 12 in Woodville and another 40 in Dannevirke, excluding the 10  for sale. 

The public tender was the first step towards cutting council ties with the properties.

"What the council is doing is looking for a suitable housing provider to take on the flats.

"If we can obtain a suitable housing provider then yes, we will vacate the pensioner housing scheme," he said.

The Tararua council cannot access maintenance funding for social housing, but housing providers could.

It was possible the rest of the council-owned flats could  be up for sale by the end of the year, he said. 

Tararua mayor Roly Ellis said that timeframe could change, depending on the sale of the first tenders. 

The flats being sold were the oldest, and the best option was to sell them, he said.

"We're not going to sell to any old provider. They must be an approved provider."

Elderly residents would still have flats to live in, but it was unlikely the council would own them.

Tenders for the first 10 flats close on October 22.                

Manawatu Standard

Tararua by-election voting open.

Voting opened Wednesday in the Tararua by-election sparked by councillor Warren Davidson's resignation in July.

Tararua District Council has eight councillors, four each in the northern and southern ward, and southern ward voters have until October 28 to complete their postal vote to fill the vacancy. The two candidates are Peter Johns, former councillor and current Woodville community board member, and Andy Thomson, an HR consultant living in Ballance.

Click here to view the two canididate profiles >>>

Thursday 27th August 2015

Former Tararua animal control officer says he was bullied

A former animal control officer for the Tararua District Council says bullying led to his resignation. 

Since November last year, three  animal control officers have resigned and the council has had to contract in services.

The bullying claim comes after Eketahuna-based councillor Warren Davidson resigned from his position last month, citing bullying.

At a council meeting on Wednesday, chief executive Blair King said the council had decided animal control should be more proactive, instead of always reacting to incidents.

The officers were entitled to say this change in focus wasn't for them and he said the 

employees had resigned in light of the shift in approach.

King also said the lack of opportunity to progress from the role may have also been a factor. 

However, one of the former animal control officers challenged  that claim. 

Cameron Tait, who worked for the council for 13 years, said he did not resign because of a shift in approach. 

"I resigned my position of 13 years... due to what I considered to be a hostile and bullying environment."

Another animal control officer had been working for less than six months before resigning. 

King said the feedback given by the two employees who resigned together in June this year had been taken into consideration.

The council is  undergoing a Local Government New Zealand review of its governance and the results are set to be presented by the end of the year.

Since the two officers' resignations, the council  has been contracting animal control services from the Horowhenua and Rangitikei district councils.

Chief financial officer Raj Suppiah said the council had "poached" an officer from one of the neighbouring councils, who accepted the role on Monday.

Ten dogs were impounded during the month of July and there were 126 calls to animal control.

In the year ending June, 15 dogs were labelled dangerous, 66 menacing and there were 38 recorded offences. 

 Fairfax NZ News

Thursday 20th August 2015

Tararua District Council seeks governance review

Tararua District Council has decided to seek an external review of its governance policies, systems and processes. This follows recent public comments on the operation of the Tararua District Council’s governing body.

Mayor Roly Ellis says providing an effective framework for opinions and public decision-making is critical to Tararua District Council.

"It is of paramount importance to our Council and its constituents that we provide a fair, transparent and safe environment for community views and public decision-making. We are undertaking this review to ensure our governing body meets these objectives," says Mayor Ellis.

Council is aware of comments made by a former councillor and it will be addressing those comments in due course.

"We have asked Local Government New Zealand to perform a review of its code of conduct and governance policies to ensure they are working as intended and are meeting governance best practice."

"This will include the Council’s approach to post-election induction; the use of elected member briefings on topical and emerging issues; and the use of techniques for assessing governance health," says Mayor Ellis.

LGNZ will undertake the review and report, with recommendations, to the Council before the end of 2015.


Friday 31st July 2015

Armed Offenders Squad in Dannevirke

A man is being questioned by police after a firearms incident sparked an armed offenders squad callout in Dannevirke.

Police and the AOS were called to an address on Stanley Rd at 4pm on Thursday.

Police central communications acting shift inspector Chanel Chapman said the area was cordoned off after reports shots had been fired.

People were running from the area, she said.

AOS were at the scene for several hours before a man was found and taken in for questioning.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident, Chapman said.

Five-term Tararua District councillor's resignation shocks colleagues.

Tararua District councillors have expressed surprise at the resignation of their Eketahuna-based colleague Warren Davidson.

Davidson announced his resignation at the beginning of a council meeting on Wednesday, reading from a statement citing bullying and abuse from the chief executive Blair King and mayor Roly Ellis. Because of the councillor's resignation, a by-election, which could cost the council up to $20,000, will be held to find his replacement.

He told the Manawatu Standard he was sad to leave, but felt he had to. Davidson said he believed because he questioned council actions, he was targeted.

"We as councillors are able to ask questions and have those questions answered. Questions were actively discouraged."

Davidson claimed, as an example, that the chief executive would speak over him during meetings, but would not elaborate on further cases.

"I appealed to the mayor to deal with it, he did nothing."

Both King and Ellis declined to comment.

Davidson expressed regret of having unfinished business within the council.

He said he made it "very clear" to his fellow councillors that there were problems before his resignation, as well as the Eketahuna Community Board.

Board chairman Charlie Death said he was surprised to receive a call on Tuesday from Davidson, telling him of his plans to resign.

"I thought: woah, okay. I didn't realise it was so severe... [I] didn't realise things had deteriorated."

Death said Eketahuna and the rest of the southern ward would miss Davidson's representation on council, as they complete plans for the town centre's upgrade.

Council governance manager Richard Taylor said the by-election would cost up to $20,000 and the process to find a replacement councillor was underway.

The councillor will be elected from the southern ward, which encompasses Pahiatua, Woodville and Eketahuna.

Cr David Roberts said he was saddened by Davidson's resignation.

"It was a shock to, I think, most of us that he wished to resign.

"He's obviously had concerns and felt he couldn't continue."

Roberts said he always got on with Davidson.

It was "hard to say" whether he was aware of any of the bullying or abuse Davidson noted in his resignation. "It's not a word I use often."

Cr Jim Crispin said he was also surprised as he had no knowledge of the alleged behaviour of the mayor and chief executive.

"I have respect for Warren, he has been a very good representative for the council, a very good representative for the southern ward."

 - Stuff

Friday 10th July 2015

Blair King reappointed as Tararua District Council chief executive

Blair King has been reappointed in one of Tararua District Council's top jobs.

King was reappointed as chief executive of Tararua District Council this week, with his new contract beginning in November.

King has been in the job for seven years, after the council decided to extend his initial five-year contract for another two.

The council was then legally obliged to advertise the chief executive job.

King said the projects the council had on the horizon were a big reason behind why he had stayed on.

An engineer before moving into the council job, he felt he could use his skills for upcoming infrastructure projects like the continuing upgrade of wastewater services.

"It is nice being able to, in some ways, still be useful.

"It is a role I can still be successful at."

Coming from a farming background meant he was used to working on things "now" which would have an impact down the road, he said.

"That sort of thinking works well in a rural council, but would be different in a larger one."

King said the council's financial position was also attractive.

If you balanced the council's debts against its cash and investments, you would come out nearly even, he said.

"That means the council is in a really good place to make decisions that are best for the district."

While some councils had made no rates rises some years, then had to balance them out later with high rises, the Tararua council had kept things steady.

That meant there was always money around to spend on projects which needed doing, ensuring the district remained an attractive place to life, he said.

"If the main streets are really bad and you don't take care of infrastructure, it makes it much harder for the hospital to get a GP to the right area, and harder for schools to attract students."

The mayor and councillors, while taking no part in the job interview process, had been extremely supportive during his first seven years as chief executive, he said.

Keeping his children in their schools also played a part in him reapplying.

Mayor Roly Ellis said King's reappointment was a good result after a rigorous three-month interview process.

Nineteen people had applied for the role, eight were interviewed and two were interviewed again, he said.

"We were looking for somebody who could carry on with the major infrastructure projects we have been going through the last five years."

King had been a big help during that time, and there was more work in that area to be done for at least the next three years.

"The councillors felt it was a good thing to have continuity."

 - Stuff

Thursday 11th June2015

Groundbreaking business in Dannevirke

A new technology company will soon be setting up shop at the Oringi business park near Dannevirke, in a first for manufacturing in New Zealand.

Charles Peterson is leading the team for the Intrepid group of companies, which is setting up a plant integral to the manufacture of diodes (computer chips) at Oringi, the site of the former freezing works.

Intrepid is backed by United States businessman Randolph Crockett, who is moving to New Zealand.

Crockett plans to set up a base for semi-conductor equipment development and manufacturing in this country.

The Dannevirke venture was a first for semi-conductor manufacture in New Zealand, said Peterson.

"What a great time to start a new industry.

"Oringi will be a diffusion plant," he said.

Peterson said he was pleased to sign the lease with the Scanpower-owned business park.

"The manufacture process uses heat and needs an awful lot of electricity," he said.

"We are coupling up with a partner whose business is distributing power. It was serendipity," he said.

Peterson said regional development was part of the team's thinking.

"We are delighted that we can incorporate regional development into our plans," he said.

Peterson was unsure how many new jobs would be created.

"Its not known exactly how many people will be employed at this stage, but we expect the business to grow" he said.

"This has the potential to become a substantial industry and exporter for New Zealand," he said.

 Tararua District Mayor Roly Ellis has welcomed the initiative.

"It's extremely good news to have the new business in the business park at Oringi," he said.

"It's the type of business we have never had here before.

"We hope in the long term it will bring more employment to the district."

Scanpower chief executive Lee Bettles said the new facility had twofold benefits for his company.

"Scoring Intrepid as a client is significant, not only for the park, but also as consumers of energy," he said.

Peterson said people  were assembling the first series of kit to build the plant.

He expected the business to get up and running next year.

Manawatu Standard

Thursday 28th May 2015

Long Term Plan set for Tararua District Council.

Rural residents' dogged submissions have proven successful as the Tararua District Council wags proposed registration fees.

The council deliberated over submissions at their latest meeting, deciding on what the 2015 Long Term Plan will look like, but the district will have wait to find what the rates increase will be.

Chief financial officer Raj Suppiah will return with the appropriate rates increase, which is anticipated to be no higher than 3.19 per cent, at the end of June when the plan is adopted.

Council received 217 submissions before meeting on Wednesday to decide on the future of the services within the district.

Nine submissions were aimed at the council's plans for dog registration fees which objected to plans to create one category for domestics dogs, lifting the cost of domestic rural dogs by $40 and lowering the cost for urban domestic dogs by $13.

Submitters argued that the cost of animal control, the reason for the increase, was largely because of the behaviour of domestic dogs.

Cr Warren Davidson compared and calculated the number of complaints from rural and urban dogs.

"It appears about 80 per cent of the actions to address problems of dogs is urban and around about 20 per cent is rural," he said.

He said the costs equating from the equation showed rural domestic dogs could cost $10, while urban dogs cost $152.

Davidson proposal of a "token gesture" of a $2 increase and the council agreed upon the increase.

The council's highly debated idea of pulling out of pensioner housing was agreed upon by the council and the properties will be tendered to not-for-profit housing providers.

In the meantime, rents will be increased by $10 a week for the current tenants.

Over half the submissions to council debated the future of Woodville's i-Site, library and service centre.

Initially the council favoured demolishing their current locations and moving them into the Tararua Alliance building, but strong opposition forced the council to reconsider.

Chief executive Blair King was asked to present a proposal and cost summary for the earthquake strengthening and modification of the current buildings.

Cr Shirley Hull said the council had the chance to make the most of the opportunity.

"This is an opportunity for something really positive for Woodville," she said.

Building a permanent public toilet would also be considered within the plan. The surplus buildings would be disposed of, the chief executive said.

The staff could be moved temporarily to the Tararua Alliance building while the work on the current buildings were under work.

Woodville's cat problem was addressed but will be a matter for a forthcoming review of bylaws.

Council has also decided to pull out of kerb-side rubbish collection, subject to sufficient services from the private sector throughout the district's towns, at a competitive cost.

Pongaroa's water-treatment plant's upgrade will proceed, subject to a funding subsidy from the Ministry of Health.

 - Stuff

Monday 11th  May 2015

More money needed to fix Saddle Rd

With at least another 18 months to go before the $4.5million upgrade of the Saddle Rd is complete, the Tararua District Council is putting together an application for more funding for the road, a vital link between the Manawatu and Hawke's Bay.

"The New Zealand Transport Agency's regional transport office is working with us on this application because two projects on the road have been deferred as they don't fit into the $4.5million envelope," Blair King, the Tararua District Council's chief executive, said.


Tararua Mayor Roly Ellis said he's had a chat with mayors in the region who believe the Saddle Rd is an important link in the roading network and should be treated very
seriously by those in government.

"We've asked Simon Bridges, the Minister of Transport, to come and have a look," Mr Ellis said. "We expect the Saddle Rd to be sorted out and we're forever hopeful."

Meanwhile, Tararua District Council member David Roberts has said he's concerned the Saddle Rd was starting to deteriorate already, as some of the new seal on the lower sections didn't stand up to the increased traffic when the Manawatu Gorge
road was closed.

Mr King said the original construction (by Stringfellows) was all right.

"But the original seal wasn't good under heavy loads," he said. "We would have liked to seal the section properly before traffic went over it, but unfortunately, it was quite fresh [when it became a detour route] and a lot of trucks and traffic went over the road."

The NZ Transport Agency is fully funding the Saddle Rd work, which is being managed by the Tararua District Council.

The three-year project began after the 15-month closure of the Manawatu Gorge as a result of a slip in August 2011 and involves widening the road, improving drainage and adding additional passing areas.

Work on the Saddle Rd began last year and Mr King said if the latest slip had occurred just a few weeks later crews would have been in a better position to cope with the higher traffic on the alternate route.

A few weeks on, the major deviation on the road would have been cut through, with a metal base put down and if heavy truck traffic had been able to travel over that it would have helped to compact the material. However, timing wasn't on the side of the contractors.

Local roads are also causing concern for the council and it's Tararua Alliance roading team, with Mr King in discussion with Chris Edsall, the Alliance manager following an initial "drive-over" of the district's roads. "Scoring of the roads was too narrow and they've now been given a wider grading range," he said. The grading range indicates where money should be spent and Mr King said Route 52 to Pongaroa and the Weber to Wimbledon Rd both drop down the [priority] scale because of a lower traffic count.

Councillor Roberts asked if Mr Edsall and his team thought the roads had become worse.

"There was no direct answer," Mr King said.

However, Mr Ellis said Mr Edsall's eyes had been opened to the state of Route 52 and the Weber to Wimbledon Rd.

And Councillor Shirley Hull has concerns about the upgrade of earthquake-damaged Pa Valley Rd at Alfredton.

"Have we run out of money because only half the road is tarsealed?" she asked.

Mr King said he would investigate the reason.

Hawkes Bay

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Teen injured in Dannevirke rugby match

A 19 year old has been airlifted to hospital after breaking a leg during a rugby match in Dannevirke.

The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter was called to Rugby Park in Dannevirke on Saturday afternoon.

Rescue Helicopter spokesman Chris Moody said the teen, from Palmerston North, had suffered a badly broken leg during the Massey vs Dannevirke game, and was in need of urgent hospitalisation.

"The game was momentarily delayed while the helicopter was guided into the centre of the number one ground by local fire brigade members to allow the patient to be 'hot-loaded'," he said.

He was taken to Palmerston North Hospital in stable condition.

The Rescue Helicopter also attended a vehicle incident near Oueroa, east of Waipukurau earlier on Saturday afternoon.

Six people, believed to be duck shooters, were injured when their ute rolled down a steep hill.

The most seriously injured was a 24-year-old from Waipukurau who sustained pelvic and back injuries when he was thrown from the back of the rolling vehicle, Moody said.

The second patient, also 24, from Tikokino, sustained upper body injuries.

Both patients were airlifted to Hastings Hospital and the remaining injured were treated at the scene by road ambulance crews.


Tuesday 14th April 2015

Dannevirke community vehicle launched

An exciting community vehicle service, which will help locals get around Dannevirke with ease, was launched today.

The Dannevirke Community Vehicle Trust, which is completely owned and operated by the community, has secured funding from a number of sponsors including Property Brokers, the Monty Fairbrother Charitable Trust and Infinity Foundation.

Horizons Regional Council road safety coordinator Debbie Webster said this funding has allowed the Trust to purchase a 2014 Ford Mondeo station wagon and get services underway.

“We have 21 volunteer drivers who have all been through a driving assessment and they will work on a roster system,” she said.

“The service will be available for the elderly, community members with disabilities, those who don’t hold a drivers licence and people who have no other means of transport. We are so excited to have this service underway as it has been in the pipeline since 2013.

“It’s been amazing to see the support from local businesses, community people and local organisations to get this service up and running.”

Ms Webster said the service is for non-medical transport only, such as trips to the local supermarket, as the very successful Dannevirke Health Shuttle provides a service for medical trips. Passengers will be expected to pay a small charge towards the running costs of the vehicle and must pre-book beforehand as well.

Chairman of the Trust, Bob Dresser, said “it’s really exciting to have this service as we have no bus or taxi service. Thank you very much to our sponsors, trustees and volunteers”.

Tararua district mayor Roly Ellis adds “thank you to Horizons for helping initiate the whole process. All the best for the future, I’m sure it’s going to be a great success”.

Horizons councillor for the Tararua, John Barrow, was also in attendance and said “what we have here is something that’s going to last for a long time. Thanks to Bob and his team for your efforts, this service is going to be a real asset to Dannevirke”.

The service will operate three days per week from 9.30am until 4.30pm initially.  The area covered will be Dannevirke urban from Mangatera to Makirikiri, Tipapakuku (from Riversdale Road to Weber Road) and Adelaide Road. For more information or to make a booking please call the Dannevirke Information Centre on (06) 374 4167.

Providing transport options in the community also helps the sustainability of local infrastructure such as supermarkets and other businesses and keeps rural areas and small towns viable and thriving. Eventually it is hoped a similar service can be set up to meet the needs of residents in Pahiatua and surrounding towns.

Sponsors of the Trust include:

    Dannevirke Community Board
    Caltex Westlow
    Department of Internal Affairs
    Gwen Fairbrother
    Infinity Trust
    KB Ford
    Monty Fairbrother Charitable Trust
    Ngati Kahungunu Ki Tamaki Nui A Rua
    Property Brokers Limited


Saturday 10th April 2015

Kiwi answer to Disneyland in Dannevirke Fantasy Cave

A film-maker is returning to make a documentary on Dannevirke's Fantasy Cave, more than 20 years after he first visited.

Matt Henley first came across the cave as a 10-year-old and has returned with co-producer Michelle Savill to create the short documentary.

The documentary on "New Zealand's answer to Disneyland" is one of 10 short documentaries created through Loading Docs, an initiative aimed at collating a range of diverse film styles and subjects.

Henley said the cave was not only one of a kind because of its location, but also because of the attractions.

"It's rural New Zealand, rather than urban. It's more personal," Henley said.

The cave is different to attractions like Rainbow's End as it was built over time, he said.

Started as a Santa Cave, the Fantasy Cave grew and about 100 volunteers have kept it alive for over 25 years.

"People just keep joining and keeping it alive. We were attracted to the community aspect of this place and the artworks," co-producer Savill said.

Savill toured the cave for the first time late last year and said the crafts and DIY aspects of the cave were attractive to her. The documentary would show why the volunteers, or Cave Dwellers, kept the place running, she said.

Savill has written, directed and produced short films, one of which won an award at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

Henley is traditionally a cinematographer and has worked on television advertisements for NZTA and music videos.

The duo are co-producing and co-directing the three-minute documentary this weekend. "This is sort of new for us," Savill said.

"[We will] make it a little more cinematic. It's such a visual place."

Savill said her favourite part of the cave was the space area, while Henley liked the giant mushrooms.

Ten-year volunteer John Hart said almost everything in the cave was custom-made, from the ocean scene to the space exhibit.

He said he had not been volunteering long, and some had been part of the attraction since it started.

The volunteers came up with all the ideas in the kitchen, he said.

"[We] sit around the table and magic happens."

The cave faced closure in 2011 when its host ANZ decided not to renew its lease on the company that owns the building. There was no written agreements between ANZ and the Fantasy Cave. For more than 20 years the Fantasy Cave operated free of charge.

NZCU Baywide sponsored the cave in 2012, keeping it open and expanding it further.

Hart said thousands experienced the cave last year and 172 people had already visited this month.

 - Manawatu Standard

Saturday 28th March 2015

Mill job losses blow to town

News of more job losses at Dannevirke's Canterbury Spinners woollen mill, owned by Godfrey Hirst, is another blow to the fragile local economy, Tararua District mayor Roly Ellis says.

Godfrey Hirst's public relations spokesman Geoff Senescall has confirmed to the Dannevirke News "there is a process under way with the company in discussions with First Union".

On Wednesday Mr Ellis said he had heard rumours of the impending redundancies.

"I haven't much information, but this news isn't good for Dannevirke," he said. "We don't usually get much information from the company but I was initially told, unofficially, that five staff were to be laid off. Then I was told it could be eight.

"This is very disappointing when we were told last time after there were redundancies at the plant they would be the last."

In 2013 Godfrey Hirst laid off 50 workers, just 12 months after asking for 12 staff to take voluntary redundancy. At the time a company spokesperson said the economic climate had been a challenge and the prospects for the company depended on the world economy.

Four years earlier 10 staff lost their jobs at the plant and in May last year another three staff were laid off.

However, Mr Senescall said at this stage no decision on numbers had been made, but hinted market forces were to blame.

"It's a difficult market out there for carpets," he said.

The Dannevirke News understands approximately 31 staff remain at the plant and Suresh Patel, a High St retailer and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, has expressed concerns about the mill's future.

"Unfortunately, when numbers start dwindling it's hard to know what will happen to the plant. News of these latest job losses are another blow to our town," he said.

"It would be nice if there were job opportunities here for any workers who are laid off, but jobs are few and far between at the moment."

Paul Watson, a spokesperson for First Union which represents the workers at the Dannevirke plant, told the Dannevirke News a meeting had been held between union representatives and the company on Wednesday night.

Dion Martin, the Palmerston North branch organiser for the union said he couldn't confirm how many mill staff would lose their jobs, but said anyone who wanted to put their hand up for voluntary redundancy would be considered first.

"We'll have the exact number of redundancies early next week, before Easter," he said. "At the moment the plant runs a three, eight-hour shift structure and it's likely the midnight to 8am shift will be dropped."

Mr Martin said the economic climate has forced the company into the latest redundancies.

"When I first began working with the company 180 staff were employed," he said.

"People are using flooring these days which may not be the same quality and although Godfrey Hirst had budgeted for reducing capacity, the production throughout New Zealand's yarn plants is dropping." By Christine McKay

By Christine McKay
Hawkes Bay Today

Tuesday 9th December  2014

Dannevirke Market & Christmas Pararde Day

Wow Dannevirke what a day!! Great weather along with loads of bargains and another awesome turnout for our Christmas Parade. The theme this year " Cartoons"



"Cat in the Hat"


Champion of Champion Float Dannevirke Tyres (Bridgestone) "Cat in the Hat". Christmas Float Melissa Martin Academy of Dannce " Christmas". Childrens Christmas Float Central Kindergarten "Frozen". Best Theme Float Whiplash "Smurfs".
Great stuff Dannevirke well done to everyone.

Check out the action from Market and Christmas Parade Day click here >>>  Dannevirke NZ Facebook page

Saurday 18th October 2014

Infracon sold out of liquidation to Higgins

Roading company Infracon has been sold out of liquidation for an undisclosed sum to Higgins Group.

It was announced today that liquidators for PricewaterhouseCoopers, John Fisk and Tony Pattison, entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement for the going concern sale of the Infracon business to Higgins Aggregates Limited.

Infracon was placed into liquidation in August by its shareholders due to ongoing financial loss.

Those shareholders were Tararua District Council and Hawke's Bay District Council.

The collapse of the company resulted in 98 staff being made redundant, leaving 112 on interim contracts with the liquidators.

Higgins Aggregates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Higgins Group Holdings Limited, a large scale civil engineering company with locations throughout New Zealand.

The offer included all the assets of the Infracon business.

Pattison could not disclose the amount the business had been purchased for, but said it was the best outcome.

Staff should receive part of the money owing to them within the next few weeks, Pattison said.

The part-payment amount to creditors was unknown at this stage, Pattison said.

"If the sale concludes as expected, secured creditors and all preferential claims will be fully paid.''

Staff are each entitled to a claim of up to $20,340 for wages, holiday pay and redundancy. Any claim more than that becomes unsecured.

The company owes around $3.6 million to unsecured creditors, Pattison said. There was still a pool of redundancy amounts that may exceed the $20,340.

''We think once we get this deal finalised and we understand the complete quantum of it a good portion of those unsecured creditors will be paid as well.''

The amount and timing of this distribution can only be determined once the sale is finalised, he said.

Manawatu Standard

Council hears views on Tararua fracking

Anti-fracking campaigners are urging the Horizons Regional Council to consider what is best for the Manawatu environment.

Residents concerned about the potential consequences of allowing fracking in the Tararua District packed the council chambers yesterday for a committee meeting.

The council was set to discuss a risk-analysis report of allowing fracking in the district. So far, one exploratory well has been dug near Dannevirke.

After much discussion, the council decided to delay the drawing up of a report until after councillors had visited Taranaki for further research into the controversial oil-extraction technique.

Fracking is a method of oil ex ploration that involves pumping sand, water and chemicals into the ground to fracture deep rock and free up deposits of gas and oil.

Councillor Murray Guy questionedthe benefits of a new report.

Cr Rachel Keedwell was one of three councillors who voted against the motion to delay the report.

"It's really important that this is a fair and useful report," Keedwell said.

She also raised concerns over the long-term implications of fracking in the area.

An earthquake would happen "eventually", and the disaster could be inflamed by fracking, she said.

"I would suggest that we make oil exploration activity a prohibited activity."

The council moved that a report was not needed until they had done further research and a visited fracking sites in the Taranaki.

Cr John Barrow believed another report would be "a complete waste of time".

"Do this thing once and do it properly," Barrow said.

Before its own discussion, the council heard from people strongly opposed to fracking in the region.

The Clean Earth League spokesman Donald James spoke about its environmental effects.

He urged the council to consider more than just economic benefit when considering applications from oil and gas companies.

"I doubt you could find much benefit, environmentally."

But using the Taranaki as a "measuring stick" was not the best approach, James said.

The Tararua farmer was "encouraged" as the councillors listened "seriously" to what the public had to say..

Themeeting was another "little step" in the right direction, he said.

Roschana Webby also used Taranaki as an example.

"In Taranaki, council chose to act alone," she said.

The council decided fracking would be of "little effect" to the district.

She urged councillors to consider the communities affected by fracking in Taranaki.

Anti-fracking activist Sue Pugmire was frustrated the council was considering fracking.

Ad Feedback "Why would you let overseas corporations come to our country and steal our resources?"

Tag Oil, a Canadian company, currently has permits for close to 1.5 million acres of the East Coast Basin, which could yield 1.7 billion barrels of oil.

Manawatu Standard

Thursday 18th September 2014


TeamKey stops in on Dannevagas

With two days out from voting day Prime Minister John Key hit the campaign trail with a road trip from Wellington this morning heading to Auckland with lots of stops on the way including Dannevirke this afternoon.

Check out Dannevirke NZ Facebook page for
more >>> 

Friday 16th May 2014

Dangerous SH2 bridge soon to be replaced

Tenders will be called for next month for the $6 million replacement of a bridge north of Dannevirke well known as a black spot.

Retiring Wairarapa MP John Hayes said funding for the replacement of the Whakaruatapu Bridge was in place and designs had been completed.

"I am delighted that funding has finally come through for this bridge. It has been a major concern to many motorists and locals for a long time," Hayes said.

"Contract documents are being prepared at present by NZTA staff and tenders will be called early next month. The contract could be let as early as mid-June and the contractor could take control of the site from July. Depending on weather, the construction could be under way by September."

Tararua District Mayor Roly Ellis has described the narrow bridge on State Highway 2 as an accident waiting to happen.

Hayes said Ellis should be acknowledged for his "patience and perseverance in keeping this high-risk bridge at the forefront of NZTA's attention".

"A number of other locals have made submissions to Government as well as a petition organised by a local farmer and signed by 1300 constituents have all helped to achieve this outcome," Hayes said.

The NZTA had ranked the bridge last year as the second-highest regional roading priority after the upgrade of the Saddle Rd.

Iwi in favour of exploration

A large North Island iwi has given the thumbs up for oil and gas exploration around Dannevirke - provided there's no harm to the environment.

The Government is preparing to issue permits to companies who want to search for natural resources, opening up several new areas on and off shore.

One block being offered is on land around Dannevirke, falling within the territory of Ngati Kahungunu.

Leader Ngahiwi Tomoana said if there are oil and gas reserves in the tribe's rohe, the iwi wanted to be involved.

But he said under his people's kaitiaki role, environmental safety was paramount.

The Government is also urging prospecting firms to bid for the right to explore a vast chunk of the West Coast.

Local Ngai Tahu tribal council - Te Runanga o Ngati Waewae - said it did not have too many concerns.

It had had good communication and consultation with the Government about the block offer and would work with any permit holder on where they should and should not look for oil and gas.

Radio NZ

Tuesday 4th March 2014

Flow tests to decide need for fracking

Tag Oil will know within weeks of starting its next test whether its Ngapaeruru-1 exploratory well near Dannevirke is commercially viable.

"We plan to flow test the well by the middle of this year," chief executive Garth Johnson said. "This testing usually takes two to four weeks."


He said flow testing was to see what quantities of oil, gas or both flowed out of the well.

The results would also determine whether hydraulic fracture stimulation, commonly referred to as fracking, would be an option.

"However, due to what we have learned already, it is highly unlikely for this well," he said.

Mr Johnson said Tag had not applied to Horizons Regional Council for a fracking consent.

Last week the company said earlier tests had shown the rock under Ngapaeruru-1 was naturally fractured, indicating there might not be a need for fracking.

"We didn't know the rock below Ngapaeruru-1 would be naturally fractured," Mr Johnson said. "We only found that out via the exploratory well.

"We don't know yet if it will be commercially viable and we will only find that out by flow testing . . . As we have said before, this is a methodical step-by-step process."

When Tag released its third-quarter financial results recently, it said an independent reservoir characterisation study had confirmed oil was being generated in the Whangai source rocks.

Encouraged by the report, the company said it would progress to the next stage of testing at the well, which it described as perforation and production testing.

That raised the suspicions of anti-fracking campaigners who were unfamiliar with the concept of perforation.

"Perforation is simply putting holes in the sealed pipe - called production casing - at the place in the rock the hydrocarbons will potentially allow oil and gas to flow from a specific formation," Mr Johnson said.

"When a well is drilled it is lined with layers of steel pipe and cement. The tubing is only perforated in the zones where there may be moveable hydrocarbons.

"These zones where hydrocarbons are found are themselves encased in layers of impermeable rock - which is why the hydrocarbons have stayed trapped in these zones for millions of years."

He said the company would expect to know if the well was commercially viable within weeks of testing. "However, as we have said before, this well was to learn more about exactly what is happening in the rock formations where oil and gas are being produced. It is the first step in our plan to discover if oil and gas reserves on the east coast are commercially viable."

Fairfax NZ

Thursday 6th February 2014

Email option aids police

Dannevirke police have launched their own email address in an effort to garner more crime tips.

Launched this week, the email address was another option for people to use without going into the station, Tararua CIB Detective Shane Brown said.

Emergencies or events happening immediately should be directed to 111, but other tips, like sightings of suspicious vehicles driving in and out of a road, for instance, could be sent in via email.

The email address would be monitored regularly. Anyone who wanted to remain anonymous could always use the Crimestoppers tip line, which has call takers based in Britain to guarantee anonymity.

Mr Brown said that, particularly at this time of year, cannabis growing season, people might be able to email a registration plate, time, date, place and a description.

Mr Brown said similar addresses had been set up in two other Tararua stations, Woodville and Pahiatua.

The email address is dannevirke@police.govt.nz.

Fairfax NZ

Tararua Free Insulation Scheme

An opportunity to make your house warmer, drier and more energy efficient – react now!
The Government has announced the new project Warm up NZ (Tararua), which started on 1 September. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), which administers Warm up New Zealand: Healthy Homes, will work in partnership with EnergySmart in the Tararua District.
The free insulation scheme will run for three years and will be targeting low-income families, and those with illnesses that will be improved by having their homes insulated.
Lyn Tankersley, Wairarapa and Tararua Branch Manager of EnergySmart, advises that to meet the criteria, occupants must hold a Community Services Card (CSC) or Gold card with CSC endorsement, or be at risk from health conditions relating to cold, damp housing. If you can get a letter of support from your GP or Health Nurse then this will be even better.
Houses must be built before 2000 and there are also restrictions on the size of the homes. There are additional costs if the floor area is greater than 85 square metres, and if the floor and ceiling are both to be insulated. Government will fund 60% of the costs while the non-Government portion is being funded by Central Energy Trust in the southern Tararua, and MidCentral Health is sponsoring northern Tararua.
EnergySmart will be focusing on getting the message out to landlords, who will be expected to make a small contribution to the cost of insulation of their rentals, when tenants are low-income and at higher health risk. With Government introducing Warrant of Fitness’s for all rentals in New Zealand in the next few years, this is the time to get your rentals insulated.
React now, send your referrals through and get your tenants, friends and family warmed up. For all enquiries, contact Lyn by email: ltankersley@energysmart.co.nz

Precious feathers of extinct huia stolen

Two 123-year-old huia feathers worth up to $8000 each have been stolen from the back of a stuffed bird at a Dannevirke museum.

An expert has compared the incident to the theft of war medals from Waiouru's army museum.

The tail feathers were taken from one of two stuffed juvenile birds in a glass case some time last week, said Dannevirke Gallery of History volunteer Pat Mills.

"Someone's just prised open the front panel and grabbed two feathers. It's very sad," she said.

"We have informed police and advised a number of auction houses and antique dealers of the theft. We'd dearly love them back, but at the very least we'd like to thwart their sale by thieves."

The last live huia was seen in Tararua Range in 1907. The stolen feathers came off a pair of birds shot in Pohangina valley, north of Ashhurst, in 1889 and mounted for a local couple as a wedding gift.

The birds are owned by the local Galloway family, who had been told of their theft, Mrs Mills said.

The birds have been kept in a locked glass container in the museum for 25 years and had "definitely been our biggest drawcard".

They were noticed to be missing on Friday. A small group had visited the museum on Wednesday, but there were "no suspects as such", she said.

About 15 to 20 people a week visited the museum, which had no security systems. The items were not insured, she said.

In 2010, a feather similar to the stolen ones was sold for $8400 at Webb's Auction House in Auckland. At the time it was believed to be a world record for a bird feather. Several years ago a bald eagle feather sold in the United States for US$2800 (NZ$3433).

Huia feathers were traditionally used for adornment by chiefs, and attempts to slow the hunting of them began in the 1880s.

Colin Miskelly, curator of terrestrial vertebrates at Te Papa, said the theft was "an example of personal greed over the national value of intact species for future generations".

"At one level it's no different to the theft of medals from the Waiouru military museum."

While huia specimens were not uncommon, "it's very unusual to have bona fide provenance data like these ones. That saddens me even more that they've been degraded," Dr Miskelly said.

Fairfax NZ News

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